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Konstantin Lichtenwald

15 years of Experience in finance and accounting experience, including corporate compliance

About Me

More than 15 years of financial and accounting expertise, Konstantin Lichtenwald is an expert in corporate compliance, accounting and financial management, as well as initial public offerings and reverse takeovers services. In two main financial jurisdictions, North America and German-speaking portions of Europe, Konstantin Lichtenwald provides considerable expertise and know-how to organizations.

With a background in accounting and finance, Konstantin Lichtenwald brings a practical and diverse approach to strategic management and issue resolution. Constantin Lichtenwald specializes in small and public company accounting, valuation, taxes and financial reporting, as well as consultancy and other related services.

As a certified public accountant with over 15 years of experience, Konstantin Lichtenwald of Vancouver is well-versed in all aspects of financial and accounting regulation and management, as well as IPO and reverse takeover services. Companies in North America and the German-speaking regions of Europe can benefit from Konstantin Lichtenwald's broad financial expertise.